Orange Dance Charge: Flop around like a dork, juice up your phone

Your car breaks down on a remote road, and your cellphone battery dies. What to do? Flare guns aside, you could strap on the Orange Dance Charge and flail around like a gimp while it uses your body movement to charge up your phone. Aimed at festival goers, the Dance Charge (now in the prototype stage) converts the kinetic energy of your motion into battery power, which you can then use to charge up your phone or some other portable.

Kinetic-energy charging is nothing new — it's been around in watches for decades — but the power generated is typically very small. While the Dance Charge uses a newer, presumably better version of the tech, made by GotWind, it's probably meant for more of a top-off than a complete charging. But we're willing to give Orange's prototype a whirl when it becomes a real product. While our clubbing schedule is a little bare, we're betting the armband charger would work just as well at the gym — and probably look less out of place there, too.

Pocket Lint, via Engadget