One Hour watch uses scribbles to tell time, flummox onlookers

Forget wearing a watch as jewelry. Since you’ll probably be using your cell phone as your primary timepiece, just wear a puzzle like this on your wrist and make those who ask you for the time figure it out. Confusion: That must have been designer Denis Guidone’s idea when he created this “Ora Unica,” or in English, One Hour. This one rivals even those Tokyoflash watches that nearly stumped a theoretical physicist.

This puzzler won the Adamo Eva International Design Competition, but we’re thinking it wins the prize for its obtuse visage, consisting of two circular faces, with the minute hand on one and the hour hand on the other. As time passes, the doodle somehow changes. Okay, so what time is it on that watch in the pic above? Our guess: 11:45 on the left, 7:20 on the right. Let’s just hope you can figure it out yourself after a few weeks.

Via Yanko Design