No-key Keyboard is beautiful but dumb

The No-key Keyboard is a design concept by Kong Fanwen, whose graphical artwork is so compelling that we couldn’t resist showcasing his dubious idea. The keyboard’s edge-lit glass has the keys etched into it, and a small camera and motion capture tech tracks your finger positions.

However, looks aren’t everything. While this might be the prettiest keyboard in the world, it can’t be the most user-friendly. Without tactile feedback, this might be even more awkward to use than that silent waterproof keyboard we showed you last week.

If we’re talking concepts here, why not just strive to perfect speech recognition and jettison keyboards altogether? It would be the no-keyboard keyboard. Plus, if you’re designing a flat touchscreen keyboard, might as well just make it a video surface, so you can change the key layout in an instant.

Via Yanko Design