Mercedes wants to eliminate fossil fuel powered cars by 2015...maybe

Reports are swirling the Mercedes has plans to switch its entire car fleet over to alternate fuels by 2015. At first blush that sounds impossible, although when you realize that they are throwing in biofuel and hybrid cars along with the more radical electric and hydrogen options, it becomes clear that biodiesel is their real backup plan. The key point being that any engine designed for biodiesel, will also run just fine on fossil fuel based pump diesel.

While the rest of the world has already figured out the benefits of diesel, this would be a much more difficult transition in the US, where it seems they are still firing salvos in the horsepower race with arch rivals Audi and BMW. Perhaps $4+ gas is finally making people reconsider their priorities.

The other problem with this story is that the original source appears to be The Sun, which is kind of like Britain's answer to the New York Post. So I'm not sure how literally we can take the claims.

The Sun, via