Memeo Share organizer and uploader keeps your friends and family connected

Two things impressed us about Memeo's Share software right off the bat. First, it acts as both a picture and video organizer as well as a media uploader, and keeps the process as simple as possible. It works on three levels: keeping your media ordered and tidy, allowing you to share those photos and videos with your family and friends instantly, and getting your snaps onto supported social networking websites, such as Youtube and Facebook. Your media will be on your computer, on the computers of your friends, and Memeo gives you unlimited space on its site to share and rate what you put on there. Memeo is working hard to expand what sites it supports, influenced by user demand.

Which brings us to the second thing to impress us: the Memeo team takes user feedback to heart. They want this program to be one that anyone can use, from tech-casual adults, to the kids and even good ol' grammy. With as far along as they are, they could have pushed Memeo Share out onto the market and crossed their fingers, yet they've decided to open it up to a public preview first and see what people think so far. What do we want to see? The more sites they can add to the roster, the better. Keep it a simple, universal uploader that the average user can handle.

If you want to try it out for yourself, now's the time. The first 1,000 users to sign up get free lifetime subscriptions to the service, and we're told there's still some left.

We generally find most sideshow software packages to be pieces of crap, but the Memeo Share won us over. We think it has potential. Check out the gallery below for more views of Memeo Share's easy-to-use interface.

Via Memeo

From the press release:

Memeo™ Share Integrates with Facebook;

Opens Registration for ‘Public Preview’

First 1,000 to sign-up for media sharing offering receive free lifetime use

Aliso Viejo, CA – June 24, 2008 – Memeo Inc., a leader in digital media management
services for the home and small business, today introduced the Public Preview of
Memeo Share, its media sharing solution. The latest version includes several new
features, such as the ability to automatically post photos to Facebook. Memeo also
opened enrollment for the general public to test the product, offering the first 1,000
individuals that register free lifetime use. Consumers can visit to sign up.
Memeo Share addresses the pain points that occur from traditional methods of sharing
digital media by seamlessly delivering high-resolution, original photos directly to
computer desktops of friends and family. It operates behind-the-scenes, enabling users
to send and receive content without having to baby-sit their time-consuming uploads
and downloads. The product offers a shortcut to today’s conventional methods of resizing
and emailing files, and also provides the means to share many high-quality
images at once, which often overloads email.
The Public Preview includes new features that provide users with additional controls
and methods to more easily set up and distribute content, such as automatically posting
pictures on Facebook by creating a new album or adding to an existing one. Setting up
a Sharing Circle™ of people to distribute media to is now more effortless and easy to
manage with the ability to import contacts from various Webmail services, including
AOL, Gmail, Windows Live™ Hotmail® and Yahoo!. The Public Preview of Memeo
Share also makes selecting and sorting media more efficient by identifying photos
through user-created SmartTags. This enables consumers to organize and select which
pictures to share based on their assigned phrases, like ‘Dad’ or ‘Hawaii trip’, saving time
and effort from browsing through folders to find relevant media.
“Memeo Share’s integration with Facebook combines intimate, personal sharing that
can also extend to one’s online life,” said Hong Bui, CEO and co-founder of Memeo.
“We are enabling individuals to more easily share their electronic media with friends and
family, and this launch is another step in our mission to simplify consumers’ digital
By distributing high-quality content directly to the computer desktops of user-created
Sharing Circles, recipients can then print their own glossy photos, transfer images to a
media player for personal viewing or store them for safekeeping. The product also
uploads the pictures to a user’s Memeo Share site for public and private viewing, where
individuals can preview, leave comments and rate their friends’ pictures.
The product is compatible with Windows® 2000, XP and Vista. Registration for the
Public Preview is open on Memeo’s Web site at
and is limited to 10,000 sign-ups, with the first 1,000 receiving lifetime use of the
product for free. For more information on Memeo and its backup, sync and sharing
offerings, please visit