Make Sens Phone has curves even a blind person would love

What kind of phone would a blind person use? I'll give you a hint: It's not an iPhone 3G. No, such a phone would have to eschew any fancy touchscreen for something more tactile, certainly — something like the Make Sens phone, a concept gadget designed by Takumi Yoshida. Eschewing Braille bumps for a surface with distinct contouring, the Make Sens is actually a clever design that everyone might find useful, as anyone who's tried to switch tracks on a cellphone in a pocket can attest.

On top of its touchable curves, the Make Sens displays alert messages through large accent lights on the sides, making them more noticeable for people with poor vision. Makes sense on paper, though watch the complaints roll in the first time someone leaves the phone in the pocket of his white slacks while the red "message waiting" light is blinking.

Taqumi Design, via Yanko Design