LunaBlocks: Making furniture out of giant Lego bricks

Lego as furniture? Dude, you'd need, like, a million bricks for that… unless the bricks were gigantic, of course. That's the whole idea behind LunaBlocks — created by Thierry Nahon and Philippe Landecker of Lunatic Construction, the biggie bricks come in multiple colors and materials that are easily stacked together. Add a pane of glass or a pillow, and you've got fully functional furniture that looks straight out of Legoland!

LunaBlocks come in a number of types: your basic LunaBlock; LunaGlass, which are opaque and transparent blocks; LunaSoft, blocks made of durable polypropylene meant for kids; LunaLight, pillow-like material that's used to create comfortable seating; and LunaMetal, blocks cast in steel.

You can buy the bricks online from Homology. The prices don't seem so bad — ranging from $20 to $55 — until you realize that's per brick. Still worth it, though.

Browse the gallery below and imagine your house decked out in LunaBlocks. You know you want to.

Lunatic Construction, via If It's Hip, It's Here