London plans 1,000 foot glass tower over Battersea Power Station

London's old Battersea Power Station has been around a long time, and its been decommissioned since 1983, making it a relatively useless old relic of a bygone era. But that's not to say the Brits want to knock down the reliable old landmark; no, far from it. Instead, they're building a 1,000 foot, $7.8 billion tower on top of it, creating the tallest building in London.

The complex will house 3,000 home, a shopping center, and a "green" office complex, completely repurposing the area and creating a new, revitalized area. It's not due to be completed until 2019, which is telling of the vast scope of the project, but when it's complete it'll change the landscape and skyline of London completely.

Via Daily Mail