LEGO Webcam and Bluetooth accessories bring plastic bricks one step closer to world domination

This isn’t quite as mind-boggling as the tallest LEGO tower in the world, or as peculiar as that LEGO Cylon we showed you last Friday, but these two trinkets might move you one step closer to your own LEGOland. First, somebody put a webcam inside this 2x2 duplo LEGO brick, attaching the $79 peeper to a nice long stalk for your exhibitionist pleasure. Too bad nobody but you will know about its LEGO authenticity, available in seven colors.

If that’s not enough, add this Bluetooth mini-dongle to the mix, complete with a transparent blue, red or green 2x2 brick harboring an activity LED. Sure, you could get your Bluetooth connectivity a whole lot cheaper than the $49 price of admission here, but then, your LEGO itch just wouldn’t be sufficiently scratched. Now if someone would just explain the appeal of this whole LEGO obsession to us, we’d be one step closer to our own personal epiphany.

Etsy (Webcam or Bluetooth), via 7 Gadgets