Kohler Crevasse prep sink belongs on the Starship Enterprise

World-class chefs will tell you to put a prep sink near your cooktop, and Kohler hooked up with world-class designer Anne Kitzmiller to make it so in grand, futuristic style. The Kohler Crevasse rinsing sink looks like a 33-inch stainless steel slot cut out of your countertop. A button press whisks food scraps down the drain, and you can choose to automatically activate a synchronized garbage disposer at the same time.

Check out that swank stainless steel switch with its edge-lit indicator, lighting up in a blue glow when the flume of water rinses the sink, and then flashing blue when the grinder is whirring away. It’s all safe, too, because the switch can only be activated by a human touch, not by some errant pot or pan. This all-new design looks like it belongs in the kitchen of the future.

Kohler, via Tuvie.com