Klipsch announces Image X5, lower-cost version of 'world's smallest headphones'

Our interest was piqued last fall when we first saw the “world’s smallest” Klipsch Image X10 headphones at a trade show in Denver, but we were decidedly less enthusiastic when we saw their $350 price.

Now Klipsch announces the Image X5, a silver version of the great-sounding and comfortable inside-the-ear-canal style earbuds. They’re a little easier to make because they’re slightly longer and 2mm larger in diameter, so the company lowered the price to $250, available later this month.

Take a look at the gallery below and you’ll see the X5 models compared to their pricier brethren. Klipsch says the high frequencies of these new phones sound even better than the X10s, but a bit of bass is sacrificed to make that price lower. These we gotta hear.

Via Klipsch