Klimatec Base 1 AirWater Machine extracts gallons of fresh water from the air

There’s gallons of water hanging in the air, and the Klimatec Base 1 AirWater Machine extracts it for your drinking pleasure. It’s not just a few drops here and there, either — this beast can give you an astonishing five gallons of fresh H2O every 24 hours. It cleans the extracted water with an active carbon filter, runs it through an ultraviolet light chamber to kill bacteria, and then serves it up to you hot or chilled.

The first caveat we thought of: This AirWater machine must use a lot of power, but Klimatec fixed that, too, offering a solar power option so the machine can keep on working even after the apocalypse. You’ll need powerful solar cells, though — it requires 480W to operate. It even goes beyond providing mere water, offering an optional refrigerator to keep food and beers cold.

This sounds so useful, we’re wonder if there’s a catch. Would it work in the desert? Could it be way too pricey to be practical? We’ve contacted the company about that — stay tuned for a pricing update.

Klimatec, via Red Ferret