Japanese Apple fan offers unique take on 'iPhone 2.0'

This week Softbank announced their deal with Apple to finally bring the iPhone to the planet's cell phone mecca, Japan. In the wake of the announcement plenty of naysayers have come out of the woodwork claiming Japanese consumers, who are supposedly accustomed to more advanced features, won't flock to the device. But history and Japanese geek passion proves this notion to be false. The latest example comes from Japanese designer Isamu Sanada's vision of what he calls the "iPhone 2.0."

The concept mock-up dispenses with the phone's curved edges in favor of a more boxy look. Sanada has a well known reputation for coming up with some of the best Apple concept devices, including a Mac Air Tablet, but something tells us his latest design might be underestimating what Steve Jobs plans to unveil next week.

Via Apple-Style