Honda launches zero-emission FCX Clarity right on schedule

Have to hand it to Honda — the company promised its zero-emissions vehicle, the FCX Clarity, would be available this summer, and they technically beat that deadline by about a week. The future-y sedan, which is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, is now available in limited quantities (only a few dozen this year, which were quickly snapped up by SoCal celebs) in Southern California and costs $600 a month to lease. Buying it outright isn't an option, apparently.

That's just as well, since there are hydrogen fuel stations in only three cities in California right now. Fuel-cell technology is clearly still in the early part of the early-adopter phase, but with Honda making its move maybe we'll start to see more of them. However, Honda's production schedule of 200 units over the next three years is fairly unambitious (surely the hydrogen fuel stations will be able to handle more than that). And it would be nice if they started mixing up the design of these things — this fuel-cell car design from GM looks pretty much cribbed from the FCX.

FCX Clarity, via Yahoo Green