Garlic Zoom leaves garlic presses in its dust

We've written about our share of one use gadgets, from this corn stripper to this complex salad shaker. But none have looked quite as fun as Chef'n's Garlic Zoom, a kitchen gizmo that looks like a combination tape dispenser/small robot. It's a plastic canister with rotating blades inside that are attached to external wheels. Place a garlic clove inside and roll the wheels back and forth over, say, a baguette, and you'll get competently-chopped garlic that could make for tasty garlic bread.

This seems like it could be a good system for people like us whose hands can smell like garlic for weeks, months even if we can't find gloves to use while chopping it. We only wish it were actually robotic (or wind-up), so that we could send little garlic-spewing Zooms whirling all over the place any time we wanted. They would be the ultimate machines to defeat mini-vampires!

Garlic Zoom, via Boing Boing Gadgets