Face-recognizing robot's cousin carves detailed faces out of foam

Remember the iC Hexapod, the six-legged spider-bot that takes your picture and uploads it to its website? Well, iC's cousin, the B.F. Hexapod, has learned a neat carving trick using a custom drill arm and some high density foam.

Matt Denton, the creator of the hexapods, started the 'bot off by teaching it how to do simple drawings. The idea expanded and Denton found that the stability and mobility allowed by the hexapod's six legs turned it into an excellent milling machine. After only two attempts, Denton found the B.F. could crank out some impressive facial details. Now if only iC and B.F. teamed up: iC could take pictures of people's faces, and B.F. could carve them.

Click Continue to check out a video of the B.F. Hexapod carving a face out of foam, or check out Matt Denton's forum, where he details the process.

hexapodrobot.com, via Gizmodo