DuoFertility precisely shows best time to make whoopee (or not)

Now you can tell exactly when the best time would be to make babies, or maybe more importantly, to avoid such activities. Accurately measuring basil body temperature (BBT) is the key to predicting ovulation, and DuoFertility does that with remarkable precision, taking “20,000 times more temperature measurements than any other BBT thermometer.”

The system was developed by Cambridge Temperature Concepts Ltd, a British company started by PhD students at Cambridge University. A button-sized sensor patch under the arm constantly gathers the temperature data, and when you hold the palm-sized reader near the patch for a second or two, it wirelessly uploads its data.

Then you can either read the verdict on its built-in scale, or plug the reader into your PC via USB for more detailed info. Trials for the device are beginning next month, maybe soon enough to celebrate new arrivals by next Mother's Day.

DuoFertility, via DailyMail