Don't worry, automated idea-generating boardroom is not a tool for robotic insurrection

A brainstorming conference room designed by Japanese IT group Kayac, in cooperation with researchers from Keio University in Japan, listens in on whoever is inside, and searches the web for relevant information to project onto a center table during the session. Known as "Kage roi," the system uses voice recognition to know what keywords to search for, and provides each person sitting at the desk with a steady stream.

The room is also equipped with a bevy of colorful LEDs, and can change the lighting to reflect different moods. For example, there's a "half day" mode that simulates the gradual shift in lighting as the sun rises and sets, helping those at the table feel as if their work is taking place over a period of time, which helps accentuate progress (or exacerbate deadlines).

With a robot deciding who sees what, it's only a matter of time before someone looking down at their display says, "Yeah, so I think robots should take over the world. Right, guys?"

Fuji Sankei, via Pink Tentacle