Disposable Songbird hearing aid is music to the ears of the casual user

Songbird is looking to make some noise in the hearing aid world with its disposable, cheap and discrete Flexfit. The $80 unit is drastically less expensive than your average aid, which costs upwards of a few thousand dollars (not to mention all of the battery replacement and maintenance fees later). The Songbird is rated for 400 hours of use, so it should be perfect for casual users of hearing aids who need a situational auditory boost — say, at church or during a musical performance. Employed in short spurts, the apparatus would last someone many months. It's like the reading glasses of the hearing aid world.

What about with heavy use, for people who need an aid 10 hours a day? Forty functional days may not sound like a lot, but even if you bought a Songbird almost every month, you'd be spending less than $500 $1,000 a year. Consider that some hearing aids are $2000-$4000 or more, and you've got several years' worth of Songbirds to catch up, and the Flexfit doesn't need any maintenance or a new battery. Keep an eye out for the Songbird Flexfit in about two months, when the company plans to roll out its product.

Check out the gallery below for more views of the Songbird Flexfit. Can you spot it in the first picture?

Via Songbird

CORRECTION: Sorry guys, my math was indeed off. Thanks.