Windshield-mounted K.A.T. Matrix accelerometer assigns numbers to your gas-guzzling recklessness

matrix-accel.jpgAs we move into the final days of the internal combustion engine, we might as well revel in all those g-forces and acceleration we’re enjoying before peak oil has long passed and we go all-nuclear. What better way to celebrate your gas-guzzling hijinks than mounting an accelerometer up in your face, flaunting your car’s vital speed stats right there on the windshield?

This K.A.T. Matrix accelerometer numerically illustrates your wanton hoonage, measuring your hot-rod’s horsepower, g-forces, 0-60 acceleration, quarter-mile speed, and cornering. It’s easy to set up, too, requiring no wiring and just a trio of three AA batteries to keep it going and going for a year. Looks like some good show-off fun for a mere $60.

Computer Geeks, via Jalopnik