Chinese company launches Earth-bound flying saucer

Doing their best to show off some sci-fi style future tech, Chinese company Harbin Smart Special Aerocraft recently unveiled a real, working flying saucer. The only catch is that the "vehicle," at only four feet in diameter, is unable to transport even the most anorexic of alien or human lifeforms. The flying saucer is levitated using good old-fashioned propellers and was designed as a tool for geological surveys and aerial photography.

Running on methanol, with the ability to climb up to 1,000 yards at up to 50 miles per hour, the device can stay in the air for about 40 minutes. According to the company, the flying saucer took 12 years and $4.1 million dollars to develop, which leaves one wondering how many billions it will take to finally get one of these things ready for human flight.

Via Shanghai Daily