Chinese robo-receptionist could double as Frankenstein's monster

Here's a 'bot that could learn a thing or two from some robo-fashion sense. Those bulging eyes, that goofy pink mouth, that nose that would send Pinocchio into a blushing fit — are you kidding me? We can barely force ourselves to call this robot a humanoid model.

Nevertheless, the 'bot by Chinese robotics manufacturer Siasun will be the first robot receptionist employed in Shenyang, China at an administrative examination center that helps business-related documents get into the right hands.

It stands over five feet tall and weighs 110 pounds, and uses sonar to detect where people are, wheels to move and a microphone to speak. To keep it from scaring people off with its grotesque appearance, it can perform physical communicative acts such as nodding and waving, it can converse in Chinese, and the 'bot has an LCD on its chest visitors can use to interact with it.

The robot will operate without supervision in designated areas of the building. Only time will tell if the 'bot falls to the same corrupt business practices that plague human outfits, trading classified documents for the finest oil and fresh LEDs.

Gizmo Watch, via Fareastgizmos