Chicago building world's second-largest skyscraper

The world's second-largest skyscraper is set to be built soon, with its completion due to be in 2011, and no, it's not in Dubai. For once, some skyscraper news is coming from American shores, with the spiraling Chicago Spire to be built in our very own windy city.

The epic structure, due to stand a whopping 2000 feet tall, is actually a residential building. It'll have 150 floors housing 1,194 residences, and it will rotate a full 350 degrees from top to bottom. This will ensure that no two apartments have the same view. And yes, the penthouse on the 150th floor is sure to be ridiculously expensive, but hey, start saving your pennies now. Maybe you'll have enough by 2011.

Chicago Spire, via Inhabitat