Apple unveils iPhone 3G, coming July 11 for $199

Surprising no one but enthralling Apple fanboys everywhere, Steve Jobs today finally unveiled the long-anticipated iPhone 3G. While that has been predicted by everyone from tech geeks to my Mom, what no one was sure of was the release date and the price. Now we have those key facts that separate actual products from vaporware: iPhone 3G will hit Apple and AT&T stores July 11. Two versions will be available, an 8GB model and a 16GB model for the prices of $199 and $299, respectively. That's with a 2-year contract.

Topping the list of new features is of course the 3G network connection, bestowing the new iPhone 3G with much faster Internet speeds than last year's model. In his keynote announcement, Jobs compared how long it took an old iPhone and a 3G model to load a webpage: The old iPhone (with EDGE) took 59 seconds; the 3G phone did it in 21 seconds — just four seconds slower than a Wi-Fi connection.

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In addition to 3G, the iPhone's other new features include GPS, a flush headphone jack and a new design that drops the metal backside in favor of plastic. The new iPhone is thinner at the edges than the first one and has solid metal buttons. It'll also be available in black or white.

A big concern about the new iPhone has been battery life, since 3G technology saps it quickly. The new Battery life is rated as 300 hours standby, 10 hours for 2G talk time, and 5 hours for 3G talk time, and between 5 and 6 hours for 3G browsing. In all, not bad, considering.

Jobs said the 3G iPhone will be coming to 70 countries in the next "few months," starting July 11. Let the lineups begin.

Via Apple, with initial reports from Engadget