Father's Day Gift Guide: 2 extravagant gifts for every dad

In just a few days, it’ll be Father’s Day (yeah, this Sunday — panic now), when we honor our dear old dads, without whom none of us would exist. Doesn't he deserve something better than a tie? We've got you covered, picking out ideal items for five entirely different dads. And if our picks aren't perfect, each one comes with an alternate suggestion that might do the trick. Whether your dad's a shutterbug, country-club type, or couch potato, you'll find great gifts as soon as you click Continue.

Beer Boozin’ Dad
Heineken and Krups offer this $299 Beertender, letting Dad keep and pour that draft beer at his fave temperature, complete with an LCD display showing how much brew is left in the five-liter keg. Can’t stomach Heineken? Get him a bottle of Samuel Adams Utopias instead, the finest beer in the world for $350/bottle, if you can find it.


Camera Crazy Dad
Canon’s latest DSLR is the $700 EOS Rebel XS, giving you a sweet mix of precision and convenience. Dad will like its new Live View feature, giving him the viewscreen ease of a point-and-shoot camera with the speed and low-light performance of a DSLR. Or you could go all-out with a Nikon D300, which we think is the best camera in the world for the money ($1,700 + lens).


Grilling Guru

Let’s say Dad is an al fresco chef extraordinaire, but his grill has seen better days. Consumer Reports raves about the stainless-steel 42,000-BTU Weber Genesis E-320, topping its ratings for medium-sized grills. But we say save $50 and get the $650 Genesis E-310 pictured above, which is the same grill but without that rarely-needed side burner. Either model is available for LP or natural gas, in lots of swank colors. Not good enough? Put some sizzle on the steak with a 124,000-BTU Wellbas Water-Cooled Barbecue System for complete control of the animal flesh-searing ritual, but look out, it’ll burn you for $4,300.


Golfin’ Linkster Father
If your dad’s lost to the world every weekend while playing the Gentleman’s Game, give him satellite support with this $300 GolfLogix GPS-8. Its Garmin-powered wizardry finds golf course locations almost instantly, shows him distance to the green, records all his shots, and there are more than 15,000 courses available. Too rich for you? Get him a $22 pack of Zero Friction golf tees, said to be “the hottest performance tee available in golf today.”


Couch Potato Dad

Pop can’t keep his eyes off the boob tube? Maybe he also needs a smaller one for his office or shop. This aptly-named Sharp AQUOS LC-20D42U 20-incher made my dad’s eyes pop; none of us were believing how sharp HDTV looks when it’s shrunk down to a smaller screen like this. It gives you a lot of HD for $469 (who knew HDTV would ever be this cheap?). Too cheap for you? Qualify for sainthood by giving Dad the best HDTV we've ever seen, the $5000 60-inch Pioneer Kuro PDP-6020FD plasma display.