$445 Sensear SP1 Electronic Ear Plugs offer military-grade protection

The Sensear SP1 Electronic Ear Plugs work a lot like your ordinary noise-canceling headphones, merged with a hearing aid. The 'phones are designed for professionals who work in dangerous environments — on a carrier's flight deck or at a construction site, for instance — so vocal communication and alarm bells still have to get through.

The SP1s accomplish this feat by dampening damaging sounds instead of turning them off. After all, some sounds, such as a screeching forklift, may save your life if you hear them. The external microphones on the unit also pick up voices and amplifies them, so people don't have to shout as much. The casing is a bright, obvious orange box — another tip to the fact that it's designed for hazardous areas. Still, you could pick up your own pair for a low, low price of only $445.

Check out another shot of the Sensear SP1 Electronic Ear Plug.

Sensear, via Crave Asia, via Bookofjoe