Volvo's sleek two-seater too futuristic for 2010 target?

The Tandem Car dreamed up by Volvo's Monitoring & Concept Center (or VMCC) looks like something you'd see in a science fiction movie, yet the team insists that a lot of what they're trying to do is grounded in the real world. The Tandem is an inline two-seater that's a lot slimmer than your average vehicle, and it's designed to use very little energy and be easy to navigate in high traffic situations.

The idea for the Tandem is driven by research conducted by the VMCC since 1998. What consumer tastes are leaning toward probably won't surprise you: more resilient vehicles that are energy efficient. Along the lines, the team has put together something that's a bit like a city car, though won't crumple on the road against larger vehicles.

Still, it's 2008 already - 2010 is right around the corner. VMCC Design Director Geza Loczi remarked that the Tandem is "a real product still in its infancy that needs a lot of molding and tweaking to grow into a full-fledged finished product."

Check out the gallery for more views of Volvo's Tandem Car concept.

Car Design Online, via Auto Motto