Vices of the week: Cyborg plants get Tasered

One of the coolest stories we got wind of this week was Ryan Wolfe's bionic plants. Generating their own light, they can grow in total darkness. Now they only need to figure out how to water themselves and they'll be able to get rid of us. Wolfe's creations took a back seat to the story about how Taser is planning to mount video cameras on future stunguns. Don't film me, bro!

More top stories from the week:

220mph California Bullet Train on the way
The speed racer of the rails is coming to the States.

CO2RSET makes it hard to breathe when the air gets murky
A brilliant idea, but a questionable fashion choice.

BakVac sucks up dust bunnies with fuel cell tech
Fire up a fuel cell, no batteries required. Dust bunnies beware.

Fractal Furniture has 23 drawers, math fetish
Storage gets an upgrade.

Floating Staircase is dangerously unique
As hazardous as it may be, this hot household design is very desirable.

SHIFT: Too many choices? Nope, not enough — we want mass customization
Envision a world where every product is custom made.