Unshredder software reconstructs torn-up documents, corporate crooks beware

There you are, sitting pretty, all confident and relaxed about that stack of documents you shredded last week. Nobody’s ever going to see that stuff! Think again. Now everyone can do what spies and Iranian carpet weavers have been doing for years: recover shredded documents.

While reconstructing shredded documents qualifies as the most tedious work on the planet, Unshredder makes it a whole lot easier, using fancy scanning tech and a bit of artificial intelligence to catch those obfuscators red-handed.

Unshredder is still tedious, though. You must first paste all the torn-up pieces onto transparent trays, and after you’ve scanned both sides of them, the Unshredder sorts it all out from there. Take a look at a video of the software in action:

Let’s hope the company is better at developing software than it is at producing videos. Nor is it clear if the software can put together confetti-like shredded papers, which has actually been done by determined investigators. All this black-ops work doesn’t come cheap — you pay a licensing fee of $950 per year to use it. Patience not included.

Via Unshredder