Tivoli gives Internet radio another shot with NetWorks 2.0

Last year we reported about Tivoli's plans for a standalone Internet radio device. It never came out. The radio manufacturer ended up redesigning the unit from top to bottom in an attempt to make it easier to use, and the result is the new NetWorks, a small wood-finished table radio that gets all its stations from the Internet, not the airwaves.

The first big factor in NetWorks favor is you don't need a computer to use it. But you do need a home network — the radio uses Wi-Fi to access the Net (though there's an Ethernet jack, too), bringing any radio station in the world to your home, all without wires. Well, one wire: the power cord, since the NetWorks isn't portable (Tivoli boss Tom DeVesto said one was in the works). Another plus is the radio's "superbuffer," said to keep the music streaming, even if the connection stutters, for up to 45 seconds. You also get some standard digital-music-networking features like connection to an iPod and access to music on your PC.

Do you want this? Does anyone? Internet radio hasn't exactly been a powerhouse, but maybe the medium was just lacking a convenient device like the NetWorks. Its $600 price isn't going to win over too many fans, though, no matter how good it is.

Via Tivoli Audio