TASER patent: 'Don't tase me, bro' situations soon to be simultaneously shot on video

The fine folks who brought us the TASER shock device just dreamed up a new idea: Let’s embed a video camera into the stun gun, recording an entire electronic attack for all posterity. The TASERians figured it was such a good idea, they should file a patent to incorporate a small video camera that also records audio into their products. Given all the trouble TASERs have stirred up lately, with accusations of cops getting trigger-happy with the usually non-lethal weapons, this video record of their use might actually be a good thing.

The patent application says the video shooting would “extend a while before and after the shooting,” but we’re thinking the recording might need to start rolling longer than “a while” before the shooting starts, to show exactly what led up to such shocking defenses. Sure, TASERs can be over-used, but think of all the killings they’ve prevented. Add accountability in the form of video and audio proof, and follow that up with some healthy oversight, and the entire idea might actually make some sense.

Via Danger Room