Surf chair makes computing a more 'unique' experience

While I find your standard desk and office chair combo to be plenty comfortable for my daily computer time, I guess I shouldn't assume that's the case with everybody. Perhaps you find sitting upright with a flat surface in front of you to be unnatural. Instead, you want to rock around in the floor in a crazy desk/chair hybrid. OK, fair enough.

This Surf Chair is pretty much exactly that. You sit in a weird curved chair on the floor with a keyboard in your lap and I suppose the mouse on the floor, and a monitor hangs down in front of you. It seems somewhat cool, but I can't imagine it not getting uncomfortable after prolonged use and not the sort of thing you'd want to replace a regular desk with. But you know, if you feel like being the crazy guy at the office you could do a lot worse.

Coroflot, via BornRich