ED-209's benevolent cousin? Disaster Relief Robot can pull me out of the rubble any day

Daniel Shankland II loves him some giant robots, and his amazing Disaster Relief Robot may just be a model, but, oh, do we ever wish it was real. Part of an independent study during Shankland's senior year at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, the designer was tasked with creating "a futuristic robot that would aid humans in dangerous tasks."

The handmade 'bot took six months to make and is comprised of over 600 parts. If it was ever made into a reality, it would use its large size and four, multi-hand limbs to sift through heavy rubble and debris to recover survivors. A model of a worker down by the machine's ankle helps give a sense of its scale.

It's nice to see robots from Detroit doing some good for a change.

Check out the gallery below for more of Shankland's awesome Disaster Relief Robot.

Via Coroflot