Stick a hose in it: EasyClean paintbrushes get washed at water's source

House painting is a chore, and if you don't use disposable brushes, you know that washing the paint out of your brushes can be the worst part of your day. It takes forever, and half the time the color still cakes and remains in the brush. Enter the EasyClean Paintbrush, a simple invention that aims to save painters time and money. The company's idea? Clean your paintbrushes from the inside out by hooking their handles directly to a water source.

The brushes, which range from $11 to $15 are easier to use outdoors, where you can screw them right into your garden hose (also a good way of painting your lawn Sunshine Yellow). Inside, you can hook them up to a utility sink if you have one. Barring that, you can just hold the brushes under your faucet, but the company warns that cleaning will take longer this way because the water pressure will be lower. EasyClean claims that its brushes get cleaned faster than the old fashioned kind and are "green" because you use less water in the process. Are the claims true? We don't know, but as far as gimmicky inventions go, this one seems like a good idea.

EasyClean Paintbrush, via Real Simple (print only)