SteelSeries 7G keyboard sure to be popular with gamers, Goldfinger

If you love precious metals in your computer peripherals, you'll love SteelSeries 7G keyboard, designed specifically for PC gaming. Belying the company's name just a bit, the 7G has 18-karat gold plating in every key switch to reduce latency, making sure that when you hit that spacebar, that shoulder-mounted missile fires right now.

On top of the gold, the 7G has a buffer system that's designed to take as many simultaneous button pushes as you can dish out — the entire keyboard's worth, in fact. Durability is impressive, too, rated to handle 50 million operations in its lifetime, said to be about 10 times a typical keyboard — a good quality to have in the adrenaline- and caffeine-fuelled world of gaming.

In addition to a pair of USB ports, the keyboard has jacks for your headphones and microphone to accommodate all your trash talking. The 7G goes on sale today for $150. At least it's supposed to… SteelSeries site says it's sold out, so you'll have to look elsewhere for your badass board.

Via SteelSeries