Solar-powered bra? I say what now?

As goofy concepts from Japan go, this solar-powered bra is a pretty good contender for most ridiculous we've seen. Since it means well, though — promoting eco-friendly initiatives — we won't point out how weird it is, as it'll probably never be seen … outside of blog posts, anyway. The solar panel on the waist powers a scrolling LED display mounted above it (presumably outside your clothing), so you can tell everyone how sexy you feel being green. It can also power other devices.

There are reusable liquid containers in the cups, which are meant to discourage the use of aluminum cans, though I suspect their secondary objective will be more popular: increasing bust size. At least until the wearer get thirsty.

Triumph, the company behind the solar bra hopes to promote green initiatives with the solar undergarment. While it's nuts, we can't deny it got our attention. See another pic of it after the Continue jump.


Nikkei, via Pink Tentacle