Smartchair, the intelligent cure for that aching back

The Smartchair Biofeedback Computer Chair looks like an ejection seat, but this ergonomic design concept keeps track of your muscle tension and adjusts itself for maximum comfort. It has dozens of embedded sensors, raising and lowering springs built into the seating pad, backpad and headrest whenever it thinks you’re getting cramped. When it’s not sensing your squirms well enough, there’s a touchscreen control unit that lets you take matters into your own hands.

If designer Jian Guan could figure out how to make his invention a bit smaller and a whole lot lighter, it might make a fine airplane seat. However, if this design can actually do everything Guan claims, it could be the most expensive easy chair in history. But that could be money well-spent for a deskbound power blogger, because a good chair is arguably the most important computer accoutrement.

Coroflot, via Coolest Gadgets