Samsung shows off sexy OLED laptop, coming in 2009?

We don’t usually follow what all the other blogs are doing, but in the case of this Samsung OLED laptop prototype, there’s good reason why everyone’s jaws seem to be dropping. First of all, there’s that 12.1-inch 1280x768 OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display — new screen tech that was flaunted by Sony and others at the past couple of CES shows — looking so sharp and contrasty that it’s hard to believe you’re looking at mere video.

Then there’s the sporty design, with those snazzy red accents setting off the piano-black case. Add to that the mystery of that panel (or whatever that is) behind this beauteous bauble, and you have a recipe for heavy anticipation. We’re not too impressed with its stationary touch-sensitive keyboard, even though it is pretty high-tech. Nicer to have tactile typing feedback, wethinks.

Still, the most exciting aspect of this tease: Samsung’s talking 2009 for a release date of even bigger 15.4-inch OLED screens on laptops, so this 12.1-incher might be on its way even sooner. The catch, as with all OLED tech right now, is the outlandish price penalty of such razor-thin, ultra-sharp screens. For instance, Sony’s 11-inch XEL-1 OLED TV is currently selling for $2500, and there are doubts about its longevity, too. We’ll gawk now, but wait a while to buy.

Samsung, via Engadget