Rolling Razer ads make all your sexy shaving fantasies a reality

Sex sells, right? Well maybe it'll sell some razors, too. And not just any razors: Rolling Razors.

If you're bald and shave your head often, you may be familiar with the design — it's similar to what a lot of men use to keep their domes smooth. It has a finger-ring instead of a handle, and two blades so you can go with and against the grain nice and quick.

So, how did all of these suggestive videos come about? Rolling Razor is running a contest: film yourself demoing their razor and you could win $2,500. It's a great way for the company to get a lot of free commercials. Our favorite, though, doesn't even have any shaving in it: check it out.

Rolling Razors come in a variety of colors including pink and silver, as well as camo for the boys, and cost $15 a pop.

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Rolling Razor, via Book of Joe