Revolutionary DimP video player lets you browse videos by dragging on-screen objects

Clever dudes Pierre Dragicevic and Gonzalo Ramos have figured out a way to let you browse video clips by manipulating moving objects directly on the screen rather than moving sliders. Take a look at the video and you’ll see how DimP (Direct Manipulation Video Player) might make video editing a whole lot easier.

The video itself doesn’t need to be modified using this technology, whose player traces movement in any video and gives you a subtle highlit area that shows you the motion of an object, letting you drag that object to advance or rewind the clip. Hit Continue for a more-detailed video of how this neat new tech works.

Imagine how this idea could make editing action videos a whole lot easier, letting you simply drag your subject in the frame until it’s at the right spot, and then making your cut at that point. Smart stuff.

Via DimP