Resealable soda can offers room for advertising

Lots of people aren’t thirsty enough to drink a whole can of soda. Ukranian inventor Johan De Broyer figured out a clever way to re-seal those cans, and opens up new possibilities for advertisers at the same time. You pop the top as usual with this design, and then when you want to re-seal it, you turn the pop top tab and it completely closes up the can again, good as new.

The inventor says his invention can create a completely gas-tight and liquid-tight seal. An added incentive toward this idea’s adoption is a space on the resealed top for advertising. That right there would pay for the can itself. Or, the soda (or beer) company could display contest results, letting you know if you’re a winner. It’s about time someone improved those 250 billion drink cans consumed annually.

Via Davis Advertising