Protect Mom with a GPS-packing Marilyn Light Bag

While this almost-clever handbag resembling a pair of riveted blue jeans might look ordinary, inside it’s stuffed with helpful tech. Much better than some of the silly, pseudo-tech handbags we've seen lately, its interior is lit up by LEDs in your choice of seven wild colors, giving you easy access to all your secrets even in total darkness. But the best feature is its GPS unit tucked away in the seams that lets you track your belongings if they’re lost or stolen.

Better yet, if you’re in trouble, push the Marilyn Light Bag’s panic button and the cops will come a-runnin’, that GPS-enabled transmitter alerting them to your exact position. This is but one of the variety of faux-designer styles available starting at a mere $30, and it includes the first two months of the GPS rescue/tracking service free. After that, it’s $15 a month. Might be great for an accident-prone, absent-minded mom.

Marilyn Light Bag, via Shiny Shiny