Pong made real with LEDs and trackpads

There was so much coolness at the Museum of Modern Art’s Elastic Mind exhibit, it was hard to absorb it all in one shot, but look what else was there: It’s a Pong table, updated to incorporate the physical world. If you’re old enough to remember Pong, that pioneer video game from 1974 that started in bars and helped pay some of our ways through college thanks to crafty wagering/hustling, you’ll find this modern version vaguely familiar.

The difference is the 2400 LEDs inside that show the puck’s position, and the two track pads embedded in front of each player, giving them complete control over the proceedings. Flip off the power, and the table shows no evidence of the electronic trickery just under the surface, appearing to be a plain white plastic table with oddly splayed legs. Designer Moritz Waldemeyer gave no indication of whether or when this neat game might be available.

MoMA, via Like Cool