Pleo robot dino further humiliated, destroyed in the ring by Vicious Verdict, the killer ComBot

Poor little Pleo. The innocent and uber-cute robot dinosaur suffered at the hands of your DVICE narrators, sure, but that mild session of humiliation pales by comparison to this ass-whipping Pleo took at Maker Faire last weekend. What could the next event be? Pulling the wings off live insects?

Pleo is going to have to get him some defenses, perhaps at least a laser and a few ominous noises. We’re not quite sure what the point of this drubbing is, but one thing’s certain: You don’t want to find yourself on the wrong side of Vicious Verdict, the highly destructive ComBot predator rolling around the ring and ripping little Pleo to shreds. Or get in the way of whoever’s idea this was, either.

Re-live even more of the mayhem in the gallery below. Commenters, what do you think? Act of cruelty to a robotic lifeform, or just desserts to a too-cute mechanical annoyance?

Bot Junkie, via Tech Digest and Engadget