Planilum Light Emitting Glass makes lightbulbs obsolete

It's looking increasingly like the incandescent lightbulb is going the way of the dodo, with more and more efficient alternatives to the energy-sucking bulbs appearing daily. The latest new light source are Planilum Light Emitting Glass.

These bulbs consist of 4 layers of special glass, a rare gas and serigraphed phosphors, and they're rated for a whopping 50,000 hours of use. That's about 20 years worth, for those of you keeping track at home. The bulbs only get as warm as the human body when on, making them safe to the touch, and they emit a soft, warm glow, meaning you don't need to diffuse them at all like you do with halogens. They aren't for sale yet, but look for these to make a big splash in the near future.

Saaza and Saint-Gobain Innovations, via Oh Gizmo!