Peer Review: AT&T's Mobile TV service looks good from this Vu

Reviewers got a chance this week to take a closer look at AT&T's new Mobile TV service, which debuted on LG's new iPhone imitator, the Vu. Feelings about the phone were mixed— some liked the touch screen interface, while others complained that it lacked sensitivity around the edges and was no fun for typing. On the other hand, critics were universally impressed by the new TV service, which delivered a crisp and reliable image. Read DVICE's take here, and click Continue to catch excerpts of reviews from around the web.

On the Phone

"The bottom line: Despite a few quibbles with the touch screen, its full features and excellent performance make the LG Vu one of the hottest phones this year." , CNet

"The LG Vu CU920 for AT&T is the closest thing to an iPhone competitor I've seen yet. More than any other phone, it captures the iPhone's basic essence of fun via a tactile device on which you touch beautiful things to connect with others and be entertained. But…it doesn't connect well with your PC-based digital life." , PC Magazine

"The antenna tucks away nicely so you don't even know it is there. It isn't even always necessary to view the TV Broadcasts. It is there only for when you need to get a boost in signal reception." , Engadget Mobile

On Mobile TV

"The other big feature of the phone, mobile TV, is as good as mobile TV gets, at least in the states (which might not be saying much). , Gizmodo

"So far the picture quality is really, really good, crisp and sharp on the LG Vu and there have been no interruptions in service…it's been streamlined pretty well." , Crunchgear

"While we didn't encounter any lag or out-of-sync audio, we wish the video took up the whole 3-inch landscape display. Instead, the video stops about a quarter inch from each side. The Mobile TV interface is easy to use, and you can even view a small TV-in-TV picture up in the top right-hand corner while browsing for another TV show in the guide…In general, we found the experience quite similar to the service offered by Verizon Wireless on the LG Voyager. " , Laptop Magazine

"Good selection of simulcast and time-shifted programming. No network lag. Live streaming CNN is a must for news junkies. Variety of programming packages should fit just about everyone’s viewing style." , Wired

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