Pacer Suit turns dance moves into music

Put on this outfit, and your whole body turns into a musical instrument. That’s the promise of the Pacer Suit, a design concept that measures electrical impulses of your muscles and turns them into music or sound effects.

Akin to motion capture suits that have lately become commonplace in high-end graphics and animation boutiques, the suit either makes self-contained music with onboard amplifiers and speakers, or communicates wirelessly via infrared with a control console. There, sounds would be assigned and amplified according to the artistic choices of the wearer and her collaborators.

Imagine this attire stretched across the body of an accomplished belly dancer. Too bad the suit obfuscates so much of the visually interesting fleshy parts of the dancer. Never mind that; this kind of dancewear could create an entirely new artform.

Nikola Design, via Tuvie