Make a Cylon Contest update: How to build a Lego Cylon that lights up!

We all know that Legos are awesome. That's a given, something innate, which isn't worth noting, even if someone does something way cool like building a Colonial Viper out of Lego bricks. However, when someone goes out of their way to mod a Lego figure, giving it an oscillating LED so it looks just like an classic Cylon… well, the wow factor reaches a whole new level.

Mark Marquez and Rob Hendrix created this amazingly sophisticated figure, a submission for our Make a Cylon Contest that we're co-hosting with Make Magazine. Check out the gallery below for some more views of the littlest Cylon. It's easily the coolest Lego figure we've seen — anyone want to try building a Raider to go with it?

Oh and the contest is still on, of course! Check here for full rules and submission process. Keep those entries coming — we'll take all the Cylons you can throw at us until June 13. So say we all.