Lining your driveway with these tree-shaped lamps won't make you any classier

We liked these light orbs, but have less positive feelings towards the conceptually-similar outdoor lamps above— instead of being ethereal and round, they're shaped like the sort of tree that sometimes lines paths or a road. The lamp's name is Kanpazar. It comes in 31 and 58-inch heights and is imported from Spain. If you fell over one of the short ones, it would probably hurt.

We suppose Kanpazar lamps might be useful if you got bored one year and decided that instead of decorating your Christmas tree with lights, you would just put up one big tree-shaped lamp. But since the lamps cost close to $900 each, we recommend sticking with a fake Christmas tree and lining your garden paths with something more environmentally friendly, like real trees.

via YLighting