Japanese Fast Dehydrator takes laundry back to the future

Because Japanese homes are typically small, you'll seldom find a dryer accompanying the family washing machine, thus resulting in a sea of clothesline-dried laundry covering entire neighborhoods. The archaic practice of drying one's clothes outside--even in the winter, rain and during pollen season--makes even less sense in the technology forward confines of Japan. The Somela Fast Dehydrator offers a solution to this chink in Japan's tech armor by providing a tiny drying solution that acts fast.

The device can dry clothes in just 3-5 minutes and doesn't use heat that might damage delicate items. The only problem is that this is a device that requires some manual interaction, including holding clothes while the device pulls, so unless you have a few extra hours on hand to dry items one-at-a-time, letting Japan's pollutants into your air-dried clothes might actually be the more attractive solution. If, on the other hand, you're not afraid of some good old-fashioned labor, the Somela can be yours for 18,000 yen ($173) here.

Via Rakuten